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Tennessee truck accident results in four people being killed

A tractor-trailer accident in Tennessee on July 23rd resulted in the death of four different people. Though the truck accident will certainly require further investigation, it appears that the truck driver did lose control of his vehicle when it hit a cow on an interstate highway.

According to Tennessee Highway patrol, after losing control of the tractor-trailer, the easterly bound truck rolled upon the median and slid into the westbound lanes. This resulted in a Trailblazer and another tractor-trailer being stuck. Two individuals riding in the trailblazer were killed, and the driver and passenger of the tractor-trailer were both killed. One other passenger in the Trailblazer was injured.

We do need to find out what occurred anytime individuals are badly injured or killed in these sorts of crashes.  Though law enforcement officers will do all they can to find out what occurred, they usually do not have the time or resources to thoroughly investigate every crash.  Under those circumstances, personal injury attorneys can often bring together the resources to independently investigate such crashes for injured people or family members.

It's difficult to know if anyone was necessarily at fault for what had occurred.  Accidents occur on our roadways for any number of reasons and it's possible we will not know all of the details of this crash until either the police investigation is completed or this matter is tried in court.

The problem with truck accidents involving tractor-trailers or other big rigs is the amount of damage that can come about after the crash occurs.  Drivers need to take the utmost care in operating these vehicles because of problems that can come about when the truck goes out-of-control.  Also, truck drivers are sometimes asked by their employers to drive a large number of miles during long shifts.


Source: Jackson Sun, "Two from Ripley among those killed in I-40 accident," July 24, 2013

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